Blogosphere Reacts Facebook Deletes Story2Oh! Character Profiles = CaseCamp Sucks by Rob Mills

A Tale of a Boy and his TV: A Dividing LIne by Brandon Laraby Online Fiction and Transparency by Matthew Ingram

From Unified Theory of Nothing Much: Facebook Killed My Friends by Diane Kristine

From One Degree: Facebook Keeps it Real by Eden Spodek

From Roman Z: My Experience at CaseCamp 7

From eating sandwiches: Stories 2.0, posted by jody

From Webslinger: Using the Net medium to tell medium appropriate stories by Glen Farrelly

From The Smartest Man in the World: Some of My Best Friends are Imaginary by Saul Colt

From Blog Critics: Story2Oh! Spreads Its Narrative Across the Internet by Diane Kristine

Dead Things on Sticks: Who is Simon Beals?

From Dating – A “New” Kind of Dating Story by Bonny Albo.

Carla Thompson from The Guidewire: What’s So Funny about Understanding?

Marketers of the World Rejoice on DoSomeTalking’s Jaime Weinman on Story2Oh!

From Toronto – Make Some Fictional Toronto Friends by Marilyn Campbell

Tim Clagues’ Projector Films

Bill Cunningham’s Pulp 2.0

The WGA’s Writer’s Strike Chronicles

Inforcult on Story2Oh!

Complications Ensue: Peeking is Fun by Alex Epstein

John Rogers at Kung Fu Monkey comments

Naked Yak: Novel or Noise

Write Here Write Now: Stories on a New Level

Unified Theory of Nothing Much: Story2Oh!

Thoughts from Denis McGrath of Dead Things on Sticks

A nod from the TV Whore


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