Relive Chapter One

Want to find out what happened in boymeetsgrrl, the first installment of Story2Oh!?

Start by friending the characters on Facebook. The links to all their profiles are here. (All links will open in a separate tab or window, so you can keep coming back to this one to find more content and links.) It may take a few hours before they accept your friendship. In the meantime there’s plenty of other things to enjoy, so while you’re waiting or if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can start by looking at the off-Facebook content.

There are two ways to proceed. You can explore the story in anyway you want or you can use the Story2Oh! blog updates to follow it all chronologically. For the adventurous among you, you already have the Facebook links, here are the off-Facebook links. For those who would like to follow the updates, keep reading.

Start by reading the post on this blog entitled, The Story So Far. It will introduce you to the story and link you to blogs, videos, Twitter accounts and so on.

Then you can follow the action as it unfolded all week with the following posts:

Tuesday in Story2Oh! .

Wednesday in Story2Oh!

Thursday in Story2Oh!

The final video that ended the week and was released on the Friday is here.


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