Chapter 1 Credits

Chapter 1: boymeetsgrrl
Written by Jill Golick, Karen Hill & Bobby Theodore
Directed by Briane Nasimok
Executive Producer/Creator: Jill Golick
Cole Bastedo as Simon Beals
Katherine Miller as Ali Barrett
Christopher Pirri as Devon Ross
Mal Haidini as Jory Goudge
Cara Pantalone as Marni Siggs
Camera: Barry Cheong
Sound: James Lazarenko
Editor: Jennifer Essex-Chew
Producer: Chris Pare
Production Coordinator Elizabeth Kerim
Production Consultant Rob Esposito
Technical Genius James Golick
Legal/Business Consultant Steven Golick
hand knitting by Jill Golick & Lindsay Springer

Much of the content on the Web is created by geeks and users. Story2Oh! brings top television writers and comedians to the job to create original, funny and sexy storylines that will connect with the audience and keep them hooked.


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