Credit Where It’s Due

Many many people in Toronto’s television community volunteered time and talent or worked at near slave wages to make the little Story2Oh! experiments happen. I want to say thanks to them.

Karen Hill is off in Halifax at the moment working on the third season of G-Spot but she’s been at my side in spirit — if not in body — every step of the way. She is smart and funny and has collaborated with me in a very fundamental level.

Katherine Miller and Cole Bastedo lent their faces and acting ability to make Ali and Simon come alive. Both of them are very talented, very generous and a lot of fun to work with.

Briane Nasimok and Julie Strassman-Cohn also contributed a tremendous amount to this project. In addition to everything else, Briane directed the first three videos and helped to make them so funny. Craig David Wallace directed the second set of three videos with incredible calm and competence.

Both the editors who worked on the videos were geniuses. Jennifer Essex-Chew cut the first three and Greg Ng cut the second three.

When I first talked about doing a project on the internet, Jenn Schachter (who isn’t actually in the tv business) was the first person who thought it was a good idea. Katherine Emslie of the Canadian Film Centre was the second. She and Jessica Weller gave me the wonderful opportunity of runnintg the alt.story department at the CFC with a creative group of residents. Together We developed the second week-long 2.0 storytelling experiment. Jessica let us shoot it at her house.

All the people who worked for virtually nothing or for free are listed on the credit pages here and here, but I want to say how grateful I am to all of them once again. I am responsible for everything that went wrong with this project, but they are responsible for everything that went right.

The thing we know from television is that collaboration works. Everything is better, funnier, stronger when lots of people apply their skills and talents.

Who wants to do it again?

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One Comment on “Credit Where It’s Due”

  1. Debbie Yee Says:

    As a person that got the joke AND was happy to play along, I’ll miss the crowd on my friends list. It was fun interacting and exploring this new medium.

    I look forward to hearing what’s next from you guys.

    Oh, and I loved the scrabulous games.


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