Thursday on Story2Oh!

Devon continued to chill.Marni

According to her status, Marni wasn’t sure if she should interfer. Nonetheless she posted a question on Devon’s wall, is Devon still friends with Simon?

Jory let it be known through a status change that he was sorry and ready to make it up to you. Nakita, in her status, hoped that making it up to her would involve jewelry.

Ali blogged about her hopelessness at relationships. She noted that she’d driven off both Devon and Simon and worried that one or both of them were good relationship material. She was sorry to find herself alone.

Following suggestions in a previous note about how to apologize to Simon, Ali posted a new note asking for recipe suggestions. Lots of friends jump on the bandwagon and made delicious suggestions. After collecting the recipes, Ali worried that trying to get Simon back might not be the greatest idea.

Devon got antsy and posted on Ali’s wall. When she responded that she was feeling better, he suggested coffee. She agreed to it and he said he’d come by to see her at work.

Marni finally decided on the right thing to do and asked Devon to give her a call.

Nakita saw the videos and wondered if Jory was crazy, predicting that someone was going to get hurt.

When we last heard from Simon, he was planning to go talk to Ali. Expect that conversation to take place Friday in the last installment of Story2Oh!’s Chapter 1.

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