Tuesday in Story2Oh!

Ali researched her itch on del.icio.us while Simon researched free clinics.

Jory had his camera and was ready to roll. Then he got a wall post from his fiancee, Nakita reminding about an appointment. He blew her off. She let it be known through her Facebook status, that she was expecting a MacBook Air by way of apology. He shot back with a competing status update saying he didn’t think the indescretion merited it. He was headed for the edit suite.

Nakita and Devon made plans to go drinking together.

Meanwhile, Ali posted a note announcing that her doctor wouldn’t see her right away and asking for suggests on how to relieve the itch.

Then Simon started leaving wall messages proclaiming his innocence and promising evidence by midnight.

Ali posted a late night blog about her stupid choices in men/yarn.

At midnight a new video appeared on boytellsall.

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