Chapter One: boymeetsgrrl

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3 Comments on “Chapter One: boymeetsgrrl”

  1. Nightsky Says:

    I find the idea of a story carried on through multiple mediums pretty intriguing, so I’ll definitely stick with it. That said, I have to admit, so far I’ve seen much more interesting things on random real-person blogs, facebook pages and twitters. The twitter alone is absolutely dire – short bulletins don’t have to be boring bulletins.

    Also, a better way to keep people interested in something like this may have been to let them continue thinking the characters were ‘real’ people. Sort of like the LonelyGirl15 phenomena.

    Overall, it’s a great experiment but I don’t think you will find your readership/viewership continuing after the first chapter if this is all you have to offer. A core storyline in one place to support the other things you are doing is definitely needed.

  2. Anna Says:

    I think this is a FABULOUS idea – I’ve enjoyed it so much already and it hasn’t even started properly.

    I am currently recovering from teaching English in rough (British) secondary schools for too many years. One of the things that always worked was getting them to tell stories using only documents – some of them were really powerful. Your project takes it so much further – brilliant.

    Looking forward to seeing how it develops

  3. […] I´m really curious following the story to unfold, the first chapter started last monday: Chapter I. […]

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