Blurry Lines

Even before the official launch tomorrow, there have been some blurring of the lines between fact and fiction.

Some real people are being mistaken for characters because they have had a lot of wall chatter back and forth with the fictional folk.

When one of our characters “came out” to old friends that he was in fact a work of fiction, he got this reply:

No worries. I am pretty sure that I am a work of fiction as well. You’re lucky because I don’t care because I have never met most of my friends anyway and so most of them may as well be AIs, anyway, so please remain as my friend, mate, and happy to be one!

Check out Diane Kristine’s piece about the project on BlogCritic in which she describes her first interactions with Story2Oh!

People are telling us how much they are already enjoying their new imaginary friends.  We say “right back at you”.   The interactivity with audience is more fun and more satisfying than we could have ever guessed.

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One Comment on “Blurry Lines”

  1. Assissotom Says:

    Your site has very much liked me. I shall necessarily tell about him to the friends.

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