All Publicity…

We got slammed yesterday in Mashable. They think the idea is lame.


Right after we finished unsubscribing from the RSS feed (take that Mashable), we had to admit that their post, though poorly written, might have some merit.

They don’t think the normal person has the attention span to follow the story. We don’t want to put down anyone’s attention span, but it is true that this isn’t a lie-on-the-couch kind of story. You will have to do some clicking around for it.

It won’t be for everyone, but no form of story telling is. You have your drama guys, you have your doc guys. Some people only want comedy, others gravitate toward the soapy arced series. Some people hate TV and only read books. There are musical theatre aficionados and people who prefer the National Enquirer.

We’re telling our story this way.

We sure hope that there will be enough people sitting at their computers next week, who have a few extra clicks in their day to take a look at this. We hope we can entertain them and make them laugh.

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2 Comments on “All Publicity…”

  1. Baron Says:

    I just read the article and like you said, it has its merit. People are inherently lazy and don’t want to actively work to seek out entertainment… They want to sit on the couch and stare at the TV or a single webpage and hit Refresh. I’m definitely one of these people.

    However, people are also inherently curious. How many people do you know ‘creep’ Facebook profiles of people they don’t know? Probably everyone you know with a Facebook account. How many personal blogs do people read where they don’t actually know the blogger in real life? The list goes on and on. Safe behind the anonymity of the internet, there’s just something about virtually stalking someone that pleases and intrigues us.

    As long as these characters are interesting enough, people will seek them out and follow along. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m excited for the big day. I mean, having a bunch of new fictional characters for me to stalk online is sure to alleviate some stress from my current non-fiction stalkees!

  2. Bonni Says:

    I was offended as well by Mashable, to tell you the truth. This form of narrative is the future. Not everyone is inherently lazy; interactive narrative teaches us many things.
    As far as being fictional stalkers, this reminds me of Look. You should also get as big an award for doing this. I must say I totally love the concept. Go for it.

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