How to “Read” Story2Oh!

We spent a lot of time thinking about telling this story. We’ve spent less time on how to get you “reading” it.

This isn’t a passive experience. You can’t lie back on the couch and let it come to you. You’re going to have to do a certain amount of clicking and exploring.

Early adopters have already found many of the characters on Facebook and started friending them. That’s the best and easiest way to get started.

If you send a friend request, they’ll accept.

Then get to know them. Read their profiles. Check out their interests. Read their walls (that little blue “wall-to-wall” button under each wall item lets you follow a wall conversation a little more easily). Check out their friends. Click on links.

Some of the Story2Oh! characters have blogs. Others have FlickR accounts. One of them Twitters. Two have accounts on

There will be bits of new content going up all next week, so check back to all those sites.

If you want to talk to other Story2Oh! fans or have thoughts you’d like to share with us, leave your comments here or on the Facebook Fan page.

Now you know what to do, you can get an early start on everything that exists pre-Monday’s launch.

Oh wait. I didn’t name the characters did I? Do I really have to spell it out for you? Not all of you clearly.

Tell you what, if you haven’t found them by Sunday afternoon, check back here and I’ll link you up.

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2 Comments on “How to “Read” Story2Oh!”

  1. Jason Sanders Says:

    I got friended! Looks like it’ll be a pretty cool experience. Good luck!

  2. jenn Says:

    People think I’m a character. Now what could be a greater compliment than that?

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