Who Pays

Chapter 1 of Story2Oh! was self-financed.  But creator Jill Golick wants to make a living doing this — not pay for it out of her own pocket.  Where’s the money to support this kind of venture to come from?

In television the financial model is clear — or muddy, given the WGA strike in the US.  In Canada, television is essentially financed by the end user, through your tax dollar and your cable television subscription.  The money comes to producers through tax credits and funds like the Canadian Television Fund.  There is no similar model for producing entertainment for the web.

Internet users have not shown a lot of willingness to pay for entertainment products through subscription.

So that leaves business.  At Story2Oh! we believe that our stories should be free to the audience.  We want advertisers to pay for our work (and pay handsomely I might add).  We want to offer advertisers a bang for their buck, opportunities to have their products integrated right into the story.

In fact as you follow Chapter 1, you’ll see lots of product that could have been placed there by an advertiser’s dollar but is only there because it is a natural part of the story we are telling.

So that’s our intention.  Branders, give us a call.  We’re open for business.

But, if you are the audience and you think this is a bad idea or have an alternate plan in mind, let us know.  We’re here for you.

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