Web 2.0 is a social experiment. It has the potential to unite individuals and cultures and to start a global conversation. With Story2Oh!, we aim to tell the stories of the people who are dipping their toes into this new world order.

These are the stories about what happens when you make your personal information public on the web. You can shape it, be totally honest or completely dishonest. You can be a multiplicity of different people.

These are the stories of odd encounters between seemingly diverse people. Any day on the Web, you might meet a 26-year-old Greek Guns and Roses fan, a Taiwanese Aussie with a MySpace page devoted to his favourite clothes designers and a self-described conservative Baptist MBA student/preacher with an impressive Scrabulous record. What happens when their lives collide? Oddly close relationships can form between people who communicate long distance.

These are stories about safety and secrets and how much of yourself to reveal. They are about being open to a whole world of people who are very different and yet, the same.

They are about wikilife — inviting the world to collaborate on your big decisions — and about who we are as humans and who we wish we could be.

Story2Oh! aims to tell the stories of the socially networked and to tell them with humour, compassion and drama. Chapter One: boymeetsgrrl is just a small demo of the potential of this new style of story telling.

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