The Concept

Ali, Simon and the others exist on the Web through their Facebook profiles and MySpace pages. We tell their stories through their blogs, comments, photo albums, podcasts and YouTube uploads.

The Web is a new medium for story telling. Just as the first movies were merely plays shot on film — set in a single location, using few camera techniques and even fewer editing techniques, early attempts at telling stories on the Internet have been exercises in moving one medium onto another. Most web-based narratives are like mini-television shows. They use only video and offer the user few opportunities to interact.

Story2Oh! will attempt to integrate more aspects of the Web into the story. It will be multi-media, multi-platform storytelling. Yes, there will be video, presented in the short formats that are most likely to go viral. But the story will also extend into text, photos, art, music and interactivity. We will give the audience many opportunities to participate and be engaged, to click on links, find additional content and connect to the characters. Whatever capabilities this new medium offers, we will deploy drama that is funny, sexy and addictive.

Twenty-somethings routinely use the web to document their lives. They write blogs, upload photos, participate in forums, find events to attend, post video and send out twitters.

Story2Oh! characters will tell their own stories in many of the same ways. They are videobloggers, podcasters and social networkers. They make friends around the world through their Internet lives and recreate and shape their online personas.

Story2Oh! will roll out content in easy to absorb little chunks that the audience can snack on at their computers throughout the day, getting story hits whenever they want them. We will fill each chunk with drama, character and humour so that every click will be a fulfilling story experience that propels you deeper and deeper. You’d call it a real page-turner if it were a paperback, in Internet terms we’re aiming for twitchiness. We want the audience to keep checking their computers for new Story2Oh! content throughout the day.

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