The Audience

Story2Oh! targets 19- to 29-year-olds who live connected to the Net and stay connected through the Net.

Millions of people in our demographic are on the sites we are targeting. During the month of July 2007, Businessweek estimated 68 million unique users logged onto MySpace while Facebook had 26 million unique users in the same period. In August 2007, Facebook estimated their own user base at 35 million with 150,000 registrants daily. Comscore puts Facebook membership growth over the last 12 months at 89%.

Anyway you look at it, these two sites alone have in the range of 100 million users and that number continues to grow at an extraordinary rate. Twentysomethings are a significant portion of those users.

NOW Magazine reports that close to 69% of 18- to 21-year-olds world-wide have a page on sites like Facebook of MySpace (August 30, 2007). Comscore estimates that 60% of Facebookers are under the age of 30 so a conservative estimate of the total number of 19- to 29-year olds on social networking sites would be 30 million users between the ages of 19 and 29.

Not only are there tens of millions of users in the target age range, but they spend a lot of time on these sites and view a lot of pages in their quest for entertainment. iProspect finds that “a significant number of Internet users are visiting these sites somewhere between daily and monthly.” Research by Lightspeed Venture Partners reveals that MySpace and Facebook users visit approximately 20 times a month and click through between 650 and 700 pages. Facebook reports that their average visitor stays for twenty minutes.

What are they doing during all that time? What are they looking for when they are clicking around? According to iProspect researchers, “users who visit social networking sites do so for a variety of reasons including: for entertainment, to connect or network with others, to research a product or service and “other”.”

Fred Stutzman, co-founder of claimID, characterizes social network use as follows: “A social network is largely based around actions (responding to messages, posting to walls, managing friendships) and experience (browsing and finding new people and content).”

There are lots of social networking users aged 19 to 29 visiting these sites regularly and looking for content and entertainment. Story2Oh! aims to meet them there and provide them with entertaining, original, dramatic content. According to iProspect:

The 18-24 year old … extremely Internet-savvy users visit these sites more frequently and are more interactive once they arrive. Marketers whose products or services target this age group have even more reason to establish a form of participation on sites frequented by these ultra-interactive users.

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