Other Revenue Streams

There are other potential sources of revenue for Story2Oh!. For a license fee, we can provide narrative and related content to a specific website, driving social networking users to it. For example, cbc.ca might host a daily live chat with Story2Oh! characters. As the project becomes more popular, more and more non-social networking sites may be interested in having content created particularly for them in order to participate in our user base.

Sites like Revver enter into a revenue sharing arrangement for video content as they did for LonelyGirl15. YouTube is paying for an exclusive twenty-four hour window for quarterlife.

Social networking sites have the same trouble with advertising that marketers do. It interrupts the users’ experience and therefore traditional banner and click-through ads are not working well on these sites. In order to offer advertisers and marketers the most bang for their buck, these platforms may be willing to pay a license fee in order to have Story2Oh! content on their sites.

Mobile phone content and streamed video content can be provided directly to consumers on a subscription basis.

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